Dr. Barbee loves treating patients of all ages, and she finds joy is getting to know the entire family, from grandparents to grandchildren. Dr. Barbee has a wide range of experience, working in an urgent care and large family clinic—as well as the Motion Picture & Television Fund, a nonprofit organization that serves those in the entertainment industry—for 16 years before opening Barbee Primary Care.

When specialty services are needed, Dr. Barbee has a strong network of colleagues to refer her patients out to for high-quality care.


Do you treat children and teens?

I see patients from age five and up. I really like to see whole families, because I get a good perspective on what’s going on in all of their lives. Family history plays a complex and important role in my treatment of later generations.

For my younger patients, I do annual well-child exams, immunizations, sports participation physicals, and treatment for issues like asthma, acne, eczema, and more.


Do you treat geriatric patients?

Absolutely! My older patients typically come to me with a longer history of illnesses, medications, etc. I help guide and coordinate the care they receive from specialists. Each person is different, and I strive to take care of their unique needs.


Which gynecology services do you provide?

As a family doctor, I am fully trained in women’s health. I encourage all my female patients to come in for checkups and to get Pap tests and other preventative care as recommended. I also work with each individual patient to find the right birth control for her needs, treat STDs as necessary, and provide support for menopause.

Women’s health involves a lot of personal decisions and a high awareness of the body. As a woman myself, I empathize with my patients and understand that some issues are harder to discuss than others. I strive to be a resource my patients are confident in and comfortable with whenever they need advice or treatments.